Spencer’s Warrior Club

                                             To subdue your enemy without fighting-is the highest skill”-Sun Tzu

NAME:  Andrew Simonsen

Enrolled in TKD at the YMCA on                                             

Instructor Wayne Spencer of Spencer's Warrior Club                                

 Promotion Record:


 10 Gup:                                  
   9 Gup:   02-14-04                              
   8 Gup:   Skipped                              
   7 Gup:   06-26-04                              
   6 Gup:   12-04-04                              
   5 Gup:   03-19-05                              
   4 Gup:   08-20-05                              
   3 Gup:   Skipped                              
   2 Gup:   Skipped                                     
   1 Gup:   02-04-06       

1st Dan Test 25 May 2006           


2006 Va State AAU TKD Championship

Andrew Simonsen- Gold in Pt & Olympic Sparring- Did not compete in Forms

Pt Sparring Photos - Olympic Sparring Photos





Andrew Simonsen

04_andrew_simonson.jpg (74961 bytes)

2004 Competitions:

31 Jan. Friendship TKD Tournament
Simonson - 2nd Forms & Sparring





24 April 2004
Congratulations to the new 2004 AAU
Va. State Champions-
Yellow- 16
Gold - Oylmpic Sparring & Gold - Forms -Silver Point Sparring w/BB



5 June 2004
Battle of the 7 Cities Karate Tournament
1st Point Sparring and 2nd Forms



VA State TKD Game

12 June 2004

Andrew Simonsen (Yellow) - 1st Sparring - 2nd  Forms



25 Sept 04:
Colonial TKD Tournament
William & Mary Hall
Larry Winstead- Coached
Green Belt Andrew Simonsen-16- 3rd Sparring
Master Grant's In-House TKD Tournament
13 Nov 2004
Andrew Simonsen- 1st in Sparring & Forms



2004 Christmas Banquet:
2004 Color Belt Competitor of the Year
Andrew Simonsen



28 May 2005: #38
Va State AAU TKD Championship
Jamestown, HS- Hosted By Master Ash of Baeplex- new AAU Va State Chair
Andrew Simonsen -3rd Pt Sparring - 2nd Forms - 3rd Olympic Sparring (sparred against Black Belts)


5-9 July 2005: #39
AAU National TKD Championship
Greensboro, NC -Coliseum
Green- James Flint- Bronze Olympic Sparring
Blue- Andrew Simonsen- competed in Forms & Olympic Sparring




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