Joe Lewis Sparring Notes
Cardinal Rules for Fighting -By Joe Lewis

*****  F I R E  ***************   C O V E R  *************  M A N E U V E R  *****

************************************ DON'T GET  HIT  ***************************************

1.  Don't Get Hit- stay out of your opponents line of fire.  Especially if he/she has reach advantage, quicker, or more aggressive.

  a.  Maintain a strong defensive position at all times.

  b. Hands up in a guard position at "ALL TIMES".

  c. Keep moving- a moving target is more difficult to hit.

2.  DON'T LET YOUR OPPONENT GET SET or get a strong position.  This is not always possible because of the advantages your opponent may have but a good practice.

3.  GET OFF THE FIRST PUNCH- beat your opponent to the first punch/kick.  Be the one to set the momentum.

  a. MOMENTUM- is one of the "KEYS" to a successful fighter, especially in the beginning of the match.

  b.  COMMIT with all your heart at all times...without a fighting spirit you surely cannot fight and win.

4.  CLOSE THE DOOR AFTER YOUR FIRE!  This means after gaining a position from an attack, maintain that position or hold it until you pull out, regroup, unload, or begin to setup for the next attack.

  a. Once your start an attack-keep it up till its finished.  Leave no gap between execution of techniques. (combinations)

5.  MANEUVER- A moving target is hard to hit- move your head from side to side, switch feet, circle, side step, forwards and backwards.

6.  After each match, make a mental review of what you and your opponent did in the match.  Think of what you should have or not done in the match.

These are just a few basic rules of successful sparring written by world champion Joe Lewis.  This information was obtained from Karate International (Sept 1991).  I started TKD in  Aug that year.  I have found that these few commandments have been so successful in fighting and have always tried to pass along to my students.