By: Michael Worth
     Fear in itself in not our problem.  We create tension.  That tension, in turn disrupts us.  FEAR is energy!  That's all.  From conditioning we react to it in a negative way.  From where does fear come?  Is it failure? Allow yourself to fail on occasion just so you know you can control it.  You will find the negative effects diminish in time as you begin to accept fear as a source if POWER instead of disability.

     As a natural warrior, battles are not always fought in  competition or in the back of alleys, but everyday dealing with relationships, decisions, school, or work.  Your training in the studio can reflect everyday situations.  Keying in on your own responses to life and your own habits will teach you wonders about your performance in the dojo/dojang.  In return, your habits and developments in the dojo/dojang will reflect on your life outside.


Overcome your own fear and any battle is nearly won.  However, the taste of fear will keep your senses alert and may your victories be with a humble heart.  

Wayne Spencer