Spencer's Warrior Club While contemplating a club logo  and patch,  I wanted something different from the general concept that most typical martial art school patches and logos.  Since much of our heritage is based  on the American Indian, I selected a name and logo to reflect that  and move away from the Koran or Asian symbols.  I did use the Chinese symbol of Ying and Yang.



In order for things in this world to exist there is the ying and yang of things. All things in order to exist have opposites. Such as, hot/cold, male/female, good/evil, life/death, strong/weak, black/white, pride/shame, honesty/dishonesty, peace/war, caring/uncaring, love/hate. These are a very few of the examples of the opposites known in Asian cultures as YING/YANG. I personally believe for every action there is a reaction. For every action that we do there is a consequence to that action. I feel that we also have effects on other people's lives often never knowing the effect we have had in their lives. For example, a smile we give to stranger we pass. Lets say that a person is down and out about something, maybe thinking of suicide and we are unaware of it. The smile that we can give to that person may give that person just what we they needed to help them want to continue living. Thus, we may have helped that person to refrain from killing themselves just by that smile or kind word we give to them. We may never know our whole lives the effects of how our actions affect other lives.  We co-exist in this world, and in order for that to be possible there has to be ying/yang.  It is very interesting.  Many people do not understand ying/yang. I have heard some people say things such as this are unchristian. I think not. I am a Christian and see it different then those that do not fully understand it. I love God, and worship God. I love mankind...I think we exist and have the ying yang theory around us all of the time. It is a part of life. If we did not have the opposites how could there be much of anything in this world of ours? It is food for thought...I often wonder the effects I have on others lives, knowing I will never know a lot of the outcomes of my actions toward other living things..... I always hope I that my actions have good effects on all living things... Give some thought to how you, yourself effect others. Sensei Mary L, COPYRIGHT


The circle with feathers on both sides originally came from a Lacrosse equipment sales catalog that belonged to Matt.  It was representing a battle shield for a lacrosse t-shirt.  I changed the colors  to represent TKD  sparring colors of Chung (blue) and Hung (red) as well as the Ying and Yang.  The Koran text in the bottom of the circle is Tae Kwon Do.  The fighter silhouette in the center is from a photo I took of Matthew in the 1998 US Junior Olympic TKD Nationals in which he won a bronze medal in Black Belt sparring.  I was coaching him with my camera between my knees while shooting photos and got a good one of a spinning hook kick.

  See more detailed photos at this link as it was created.

Wayne Spencer /Feb 2000


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