My first Sandman Triathlon at the age of 43...

The 1999 Neptune Festival and the Sandman Triathlon was held at Virginia Beach, Virginia on the ocean front. It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  The race consisted of a 1k (.6mi) ocean swim, 14 mile bike ride and a 5k(3.2mi) run on the boardwalk. 600 started and only 499 finished-I was 493.  Photos by Matthew Spencer


Wayne year I'll use a road  bike!!!

sandm1_99.jpg (29861 bytes)  sandm2_99.jpg (28561 bytes)   sandm3_99.jpg (41620 bytes)   sandm4_99.jpg (20768 bytes)Time-2:01:57

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My 2nd Sandman Triathlon at the age of 44...

I did poorly again this year..but at least I finished 599 (Time-2:36:26).  A total of 727 started-only 604 finished.

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Co-worker...Gabe Jimenez-45... his first Triathlon.

Placed 496 (Time-1:54:30)

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00ta1_14a.jpg (52097 bytes)

SM_FLYER.jpg (79173 bytes)

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