18th Virginia State Jr Olympic  Taekwondo Championship

USTU Open Championship

30 May 1998

Instructor Wayne Spencer

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                                             Jerry              Jonathan         Matthew             Bobby         Mrs. Morgan


                                                                                             From right to left:

                                               Mrs. Susan Morgan-      1st Gyoroogi   &    1st Poomse (USTU Open)

                                               Bobby Smith-                   2nd Gyoroogi  &   2nd Poomse

                                               Matthew Spencer-           1st Gyoroogi    &   1st Poomse

                                              Jonathan Baines-              2nd Gyoroogi  &   1st Poomse

                                               Jerry Plain-                        1st Gyoroogi   &   1st Poomse


Photos by: Tori Baines

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Chung- Bobby Smith



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Chung- Matthew Spencer



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Chung- Jonathan Baines



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Jerry Plain

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