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Warrior Song & Video

Starting Oct 2009

Morgan's Martial Arts with be holding Classes at the Suffolk YMCA.

Wednesdays and Fridays- 6:30-30 / 730-830


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Instructors & Staff

Master Lance  Morgan Master Susan Morgan


Mar 2012 Tournament at the YMCA Photos

Patty Rhodes-Philip Koury

Congratulations to new 1st Dan Black Belts:

Brian Koury & Nancy Banta

More  Photos


MMA is located in the beautiful country side of Windsor, Virginia.
Call or e-mail us for directions and additional  information.
Ph: 757-357-0055  e-mail:


Congratulations to our competitors from the 2007 Friendship Tournament:

See Photos

Ryan Brady - 1st Forms & 2nd Sparring

Amy Skeeter - 2nd Forms & 2nd Sparring

Carson Logwood - 2nd Forms & 3rd Sparring


06 TKD campout_picnic


Instructor Morgan- Grand Champion Forms- Va State TKD Games-

10 June 2006

Carson Logwood   1st forms  1st sparring   2nd breaking
Steven Williams   1st forms    2nd sparring  1st breaking
Beth Williams      1st forms    3rd sparring  1st breaking
Ryan Brady         3rd forms    1st sparring   2nd breaking
Joseph Jenkins   2nd forms    3rd sparring   1st breaking
Mr. Morgan        1st forms     3rd sparring   1st breaking
                         Grand champion forms



Newest BB!



Master Grant's In-House Tournament- 13 May 06

Congratulation to the following:

Cassidy Doiron   Gold Forms   Silver Sparring

 Jake Doiron Bronze Forms  Gold Sparring

 Martha Ann Griffin    2 Bronze

 Carson Logwood   Gold Forms  Bronze Sparring

 Beth Williams   Gold Gorms  Bronze Sparring

 Steven Williams   2  Gold

 Ryan Brady   2 Gold

Sidney Tredway  Silver Forms  Bronze Sparring



Black Belt Test- 17 Sept 2005

CONGRATULATIONS to Instructor Lance Morgan-Va AAU State TKD Champion in Olympic Sparring & Forms!
Super job for those that competed in Master Grant's In-House Tournament 14 May.

More photos at this link...

Congratulations on Instructor Lance Morgan- Grand Champion Forms & Sparring

Instructors Mr. & Mrs.  Morgan receiving
 Outstanding TKD Instructors of the Year award from the
World Head of Family Sokeship Council
 on 24 Oct. 2004-More PHOTOS


Black Belt Participants-31 May 2004

Women's Self-Defense Seminar-16 April 2004 (photos)