Karate College-Summer Camp 2002

Radford University   27 ~30 June 2002

The 15th Anniversary of Karate College is respectfully dedicated to

Joe Lewis & Bill Wallace.

Thanks for 15 years of  friendship and support.-Dr. Jerry Beasley


Instructor Lineup



Beasley          Hand Immobilization
Buckland       Combat Karate
Chapman       Point Sparring
Cohen            Pressure Points
Cutrell            Bunkai
DePasquale    Jiujitsu
Dring             Olympic TKD
Durch            Lali/Knife
D'Urso          Jiujitsu Locks
Gracie           NHB/Jiujitsu
Hamilton        Shooto
Hatmaker      Submissions
Hess             Chokes
Lewis            Kickboxing
Marshall        Tang Soo Do
McCoy         Sambo
Miles            Shoot Fighting
Miskelley      Boxing   (Mike Allen substituted)
Pellegrini       Hapkido
Price             Sajido
Wallace        "Superfoot System"