My thanks and appreciation goes to the participants, parents and donators of those that kicked and raised money for Children's  Hospital of the King's Daughter on Sat. 7 Aug 2004.  This was part of the activities at Triple T's Sport Center for National Gymnastics Day.


Here are the students stats for the Kick-a-thon. 

They kicked for 3- 1 minute rounds with 30 second rest between rounds, similar to amateur kickboxing bouts.


From right to left:


Jonathan Boyle-age 9-white belt: 209 kicks for $112.75


Justin O'Neal-age 4-white belt: 155 kicks for $75.00


Megan Freeman-age 6-green belt: 186 kicks for $75.00


Rebecca O'Neal-age 11-yellow belt: 217 kicks for $75.00



More photos from demo and activities:

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