May  2003 Warriors News Letter

Tae Kwon Do * Combat Hapkido

Congratulations to the following Combat Hapkido Gup promotions:

Walter Vann-           9 Gup 

Walter Freeman-     8 Gup

 Ryan Smith-            8 Gup

Fellipe Wilson-       8 Gup

Congratulations to the following    Tae Kwon Do promotions:

Sharon Paul-               2 Gup

Brandon Paul-            3 Gup

Justin Paul-                 3 Gup

Paul Baker-                 4 Gup

Kirk Rountree-            4 Gup

Devin Bradshaw-        6 Gup

Daniel Fisher-             6 Gup

Nicholas Scheil-          6 Gup

Jeremy Harris-             6 Gup

Ryan Smith-                 6 Gup

Fred Clark-                   7 Gup

Justin Harris-                7 Gup

Cade Gollob-                7 Gup

Ryan Clark-                  8 Gup

Miguel Ramos-            8 Gup

Anthonette Ward -       8 Gup

Michael Cox Jr.-           8 Gup

Robert L. Cox III-         8 Gup

Antoneah Daughtrey-    8 Gup

Aidan Youngerman-     8 Gup

Mirada Wright-            8 Gup

Phillip Lanzafame-       8 Gup

Thomas Harbour-         8 Gup

Joey Bradshaw-            9 Gup

Tyler Cline-                    9 Gup

 Garrett Conner-            9 Gup

Robert Cox Jr.-              9 Gup

 Braxton Ericson-          9 Gup

Kyle Ericson-                9  Gup

 Megan Freeman-         9 Gup

Congratulations to  newly promoted Yellow Belt David Waterfield.  He is the first to  receive the official Future Black Belt Award from May's promotional test. He was voted as the best all around student based on his test performance.

 Well Wishes to all the graduating seniors in our club that are active and non-active. They are from top/left to right:  3rd Dan Matt Spencer – 2nd Dan Jonathan Baines – 2nd Dan Bobby Smith – 1st Dan Paula Waters – 1st Dan Josh Waters


31 May 2003- The Virginia State TKD game is in Richmond.  If you have been here for a few months and know your first form-have your sparring equipment, you are eligible to compete.  See our web site for link with details.  I will be bike riding in  the MS 150 on Saturday and Sunday, so I will not be attending. 

  Promotion test on 3 May 2003

14  June 2003- Joint school Picnic with Morgan’s Martial Arts school.  It will take place at Isle of Wight hunting lodge starting at 10am till....more details and map coming later.

Rachel Gollob       9 Gup        Aaron Phillips       9 Gup
Benjamin Hobbs  9 Gup         Brian Strong         9 Gup
Zachary McEday  9 Gup        David Waterfield   9 Gup

Have safe and great summer-Wayne Spencer  

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